Whether you want to host a painting party or attend a class at the Sunfeathers Art studio,  there are several options for students to create their own masterpiece.
    If you have a venue and would like to host a class, your painting fee will be waived if there is a minimum of five paying students who have committed to attending the class with you.
    Sip and Paint Events, Birthday Parties, Senior Group Classes, and Children's Classes are just some of the options available.
    All supplies needed for the classes are provided and included in the class fee.  Throw your painting clothes on and  let's PAINT!!!
     Hello and thank you for checking out my page!!  Since I was very young, I have always been "into" art.  From the very first drawings of horses and apple trees to a transition to oil paintings on canvas, I have always loved to learn all I could about artistic expression. 
     In the 1970's, ceramic shops were all the rage in the area where I lived.  I attended a ceramics class once a week with my Mom, Aunts, and a dear Cousin.   I quickly discovered that painting details, eyes and flowers, freehand before the greenware was fired was my favorite part.  
    In the late 1980's and early 1990's, I began painting for other people.  My very first commission was painting a strawberry on fifty wooden kitchen cabinets knobs.  Decorative painting became my passion and I attended classes from a talented local instructor, learning color theory and mastering the different brush strokes for acrylic paints.  In the last years of the 90's, I began to paint large pieces of furniture, on commission and to sell at craft fairs. I also executed several large murals for clients during this time. I studied and mastered many faux painting techniques, wood graining and marble are just two examples of what can be accomplished with paint.   
    I had always wanted to paint on canvas, so the first decade in the new century saw my initial attempts of painting on canvas with acrylics.  Wanting to learn more, I studied with a local art teacher, learning to paint with oils.  A fellow artist introduced me to Wilson Bickford's style of Fun and Fast Painting.  In less than a year, I was painting for my family and also clients.  
     Realizing, that I really wanted to help others learn to relax by creating their own personal art, I undertook the Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher Certification and obtained my diploma.   Now I can share with others the joy and satisfaction of creating wonderful art pieces. 
  1. "Fence Post"
    8 x 10 Oils on stretched canvas.
    This is a very good painting for anyone wanting to get their "feet wet" in learning to paint with oils. It is truly a "Fun and Fast" painting, done entirely in the "wet on wet" style.
  2. "Loon Dance"
    12 x 16 oils over acrylics, on canvas panel
    This class will teach the student to make and transfer a pattern, apply base coats with acrylics. Afterwards, oils will be used to complete the painting.
  3. "Summer Water Lilies"
    11 x 14 Oils on canvas panel
    This a Fun and Fast painting in which the student will experience painting skies and water reflections. Techniques in painting evergreens and underwater stones will also be introduced.