Talking Art

Cheryl McMahan

Monday, April 20, 2015

After very carefully and methodically prepping for my first art exhibition at a local festival, I restlessly paced the night before.  Mother Nature was interfering with my final stage of preshow planning.  It was raining, enough to keep my truck from being loaded with all the things I was planning on taking to the festival.   Everything was assembled, ready to go just inside the front door.  The rain was showing no sign of letting up, so I set the alarm for 5 a.m. and went to bed.

The first thing I did after the alarm was turned off the next morning was reach for my cell phone and pull up the local weather radar.  It looked promising that the weather would turn out to be favorable for myself and all the other vendors at the Pickens Azalea Festival.  The Spouse, our son and I quickly moved everything to the truck, loaded up, stopped and got a biscuit for the road and headed out into the pre-sunrise darkness.

The weather was just perfect!!  Why had I doubted??  The Festival was a huge success from all accounts.  I didn't leave my tent, except for one necessary absence, but I did talk to many great people who were attending the festival.   My own learning curve showed the things I had gotten right along with concepts that needed to be revised or further developed.   Believe me, I got it all down on paper as soon as I could, to have for the next time.

And there will be a next time, hopefully improving what needs to be and expanding the "right stuff".    All in all, it was a great experience, one I look forward to repeating again very soon.  i hope to see you there!!